Frequently Asked Questions

What is NAVIA

With NAVIA, can I create a command room with real-time information about my processes, infrastructure, or territory?

Yes, the dashboard is fully configurable according to your management style and operational model. Once changed is immediately available to the entire team, anywhere and on any mobile device.

Can I remove paper and useless Excel tables with NAVIA and still gather efficiently all the information produced?

Yes. Regardless of the  data's origins, NAVIA allows integrating it and replacing various sources of information from your company, analyzing and controlling its operations. It's a paperless and aggregating solution.

Who can access NAVIA?

NAVIA has a bottom up design. Thus, team's collaboration is foreseen. Every member can access, consult and share information through a friendly and easy to use platform.

Who can benefit the most from NAVIA in my organization?

NAVIA is a collaborative tool. It meets the work planning assessment of both the field operatives and their direct superiors, but also the decision support at higher management level. All the information is centralized in a single platform with dashboards and indicators, built and fed in real time

NAVIA assesses operations, maintenance, quality control, registration and risk?

Yes. NAVIA brings together on a single platform all the tasks required to manage your infrastructure, process or territory. Whether they relate to personnel or sites, preventive or corrective work, materials and equipment, control and indicators. All operational management tasks can be assigned, planned, executed and monitored in NAVIA. 

I am responsible for managing water losses in a utility. Can NAVIA help me?

NAVIA has specific functionalities to support water supply networks, monitoring and mitigating its losses. NAVIA's practical approach combined with the previous features provide tools for effective loss mitigation, all in a single platform and interface.

Navia's Benefits

How can I save money with Navia?

NAVIA's 20 years implementation allow us to list many benefits from using our solution, Here are some examples:

  • Optimization and travel reduction
  • Paper consumption elimination
  • Personnel costs reduction (elimination of various types of administrative tasks, shifts optimization, rework elimination, among others)
  • Energy and resource consumption optimization  (e.g. reagents)
  • Outsourcing contracts management and optimization
  • Drastic reduction in the time consumed in quality, environmental and safety management processes certification and auditing 

What does NAVIA add to my business?

NAVIA introduces significant qualitative gains in the operational management of an organization, fundamentally due to the high production and availability of information that the organization will have with NAVIA. 

At the end of a working day, old piles of data  are replaced by integrated, reliable and accessible information to all those connected to NAVIA, any time. The information is made available in a timely manner and with identification of the intervening parties, so that preventive management and accountability become a reality accepted and valued.

Reasoned management, informed decisions and the perception of evolutionary trends become possible and safe through a consolidated knowledge base and tools that process and make it accessible. This management and sharing of knowledge is, in fact, one of the most innate natures of NAVIA.

Which softwares will I stop using by adopting NAVIA?

NAVIA is by its nature a data and knowledge aggregator. It typically integrates with telemanagement (SCADA), laboratory (LIMS), geographic and cadastral (GIS), financial (ERP) and commercial (CRM) systems. Thus, it does not intend to replace these software, but to function as an information aggregator, enabling centralized access to different sources of information, which allows the creation of dashboards and indicators to support management.

Fundamentally, NAVIA eliminates and automates the processing that is normally performed in spreadsheets and on paper.

What is NAVIA's acquisition investment payback?

It depends on the level of use and implementation that each organization makes. We know organizations that have amortized their investment in less than a year, others that have done it in up to two years.

Does NAVIA require someone to manage the software, its data and routines exclusively?

No. In fact the acquisition and full commissioning of NAVIA will free up manpower for other relevant tasks. The time save in backoffice tasks and data processing are quite significant.


Which companies can use NAVIA? And which infrastructures?

NAVIA can be used by any type of organization as long as it involves people and operations. As described above, NAVIA is a solution that can be configured by the organization itself, designed to aggregate the information of its operational activity and turn it into effective knowledge, that can be managed by teams at any time of day and at any location, so that any kind of process, infrastructure or organization can implement it. To learn more about some of the organizations that have implemented NAVIA, please also visit our customers' testimonials.

  • Optimization and travel reduction
  • Paper consumption elimination
  • Personnel costs reduction (elimination of various types of administrative tasks, shifts optimization, rework elimination, among others)
  • Energy and resource consumption optimization  (e.g. reagents)
  • Outsourcing contracts management and optimization
  • Drastic reduction in the time consumed in quality, environmental and safety management processes certification and auditing 

Is my company too small to implement NAVIA?

No. NAVIA is an operational management software suitable for any infrastructure, process or territory, since it is fully customizable to the specific reality - geographic, demographic, process and equipment - of the organization. Examples of NAVIA implementation range from operations with a huge geographical dispersion and hundreds of users connected to the software, to small production processes.

No operation is too big or too small for NAVIA, because ultimately it's the organization that shapes it to its size.

Which NAVIA license is more suitable to my company?

NAVIA has different licensing options that can be adjusted to the needs and/or investment limitations of the organization. Please contact us for a specific answer.

Does NAVIA have optional modules?

Yes, NAVIA has optional modules that can be added to the base solution so that the organization can adjust its choice to its reality, size and investment. The existence of these options is justified by the different types and sizes of organizations, as well as to allow the investment and implementation decision to be phased and adjusted to the organization's agenda and capacity.

The cost is moderate and, like all commercial licensing policy, scalable depending on the size of the entity. They are:

  • Participatory Citizenship App
  • Analytical and quality control plan
  • Reagent management
  • Waste management
  • Integration with SCADAS
  • Integration with GIS
  • CRM integration
  • Integration with ERP
  • Integration with LIMS
  • Management of real water losses
  • Active security of operators

The cost of each module is moderate and naturally variable. For more information, contact us.

If the system is modular, can I first buy the basic software package and upgrade features and licenses later?

Correct. New modules and/or user licenses can be activated at any time. This way, in the initial implementation a backbone can be built to start up and to obtain more reliable and organized data, which will then allow the software to reach other areas through additional functionalities or even by extending to different departments within the company.

Is NAVIA too expensive for my company?

The cost of licensing NAVIA is considered according to the size of the infrastructure, which is based on two components: the cost of the server application license (depending on the size of the system to be managed) and the number of concurrent users and mobility applications.

The price is therefore scalable and appropriate to the size of the entity and its resources.

Does NAVIA's acquisition include implementation and/or training support? What is the price?

NAVIA's acquisition, in any licensing modality, always considers a training and implementation support program.

The cost of this program is defined in agreement with the user entity, depending on the requirements and availability of the organization.

Are there any other costs?

A NAVIA supply and implementation proposal always considers all software, licensing, training and support costs.

Depending on the acquisition model, it will be necessary to provide a server, which can be physical or virtualized.

Implementation and training

How is NAVIA implement?

With the experience gained from implementing NAVIA in dozens of companies from different industries and markets, a training program that runs parallel to the implementation program is perfectly defined, structured and documented.

All that is required is a minimum degree of dedication and involvement from the user team to make the implementation of NAVIA fast and uncomplicated.

How long does it take to implement NAVIA?

NAVIA becomes available the moment the decision to purchase it's made. 

Implementation time will depend on the availability of the user team, but is normally fast. NAVIA team will prepare a detailed schedule for the implementation, which is discussed and validated with the customer.

How is my company involved in NAVIA's implementation?

The team involved in using NAVIA plays a central role in its implementation. The customizable nature of NAVIA is based on the flexibility of the user being able to adjust it to their reality, defining the desired parameterizations, routines and data outputs - by team and individual - so that even if the NAVIA solution is supplied with standard parameterizations, the organization is completely autonomous in structuring NAVIA to their needs. All this with the help of the training and implementation support program.

Does my company become dependent on NAVIA's team?

Definitely not! NAVIA is fully configured by its users, in a friendly, easy-to-use and programming-free way. It is an uncomplicated solution that will quickly become the collaborative platform for your entire team, which can evolve within NAVIA.

Who helps me implementing NAVIA and who provides training?

Your team will be fully supported by NAVIA's training and support team. A training and implementation support plan will be jointly defined, after which the users should be autonomous in the parameterization and use of the software.

During this training and implementation phase, a helpdesk is also made available, through  telephone and e-mail. WE can also establish a support and maintenance program, for the period of time considered necessary.

NAVIA support and training team is highly experienced, knowledgeable with the operational management of different types of infrastructures and very close to real needs.

We don't have the time or resources to implement NAVIA. Can I hire support?

The company may define a contract manager who will coordinate the work together with NAVIA's team, ensuring that the organization's guidelines are met.

Will I have difficulties in with NAVIA?

From 15 years of implementing NAVIA, we can say that all individuals welcome and adapt very easily to the environment.  NAVIA's mobility, via smartphone or tablet, is clear. Likewise, the collaborative nature underlying the use of NAVIA conveys the reality: everyone is included.

Technical Issues

Does NAVIA require other software?

No. NAVIA license includes everything required for its correct operation, namely the operating system, database and web server.

What hardware do I need to get NAVIA up and running?

If you purchase NAVIA server you must have a server to host and run it with basic requirements.

If you choose the SaaS version, you don't need a server, because we host it. For each operational team working with NAVIA mobility, an ordinary Android tablet is required.

How does NAVIA access works?

NAVIA allows full mobility of your team in the field without special equipment or software. NAVIA can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smartphone with communications (intranet, internet, remote VPN access or other).

Regarding NAVIA's access, what is required?

To access NAVIA on a computer you must have an internal Ethernet network with internet access. Mobile users need Wi-Fi and/or GSM/3G. The latter is only mandatory if you want your operational teams to be permanently online.

Software Integration

What software does NAVIA support?

In general, NAVIA performs functional and data integration with any GIS system and any SCADA (telemanagement) system. Integration with LIMS, ERP and CRM systems is fully feasible but needs analysis as it is not a standard situation.

In addition to these systems NAVIA can integrate any other type of software that is supported by a database. These situations need to be evaluated.

Who implements the integration, and what does it require?

The integration with other software has two stages. The first is technical and is developed by NAVIA's team. The second depends on its parameterization and updating and is therefore performed by the user team, not requiring any programming or any kind of technical knowledge.

Is integration an expensive and complex process?

Standard integrations with SCADA and GIS are fast and inexpensive. Integrations with ERP, CRM and LIMS depend on the level of functionality required.

Which are the integration pros?

NAVIA is a data aggregator par excellence, middleware type, which can gather in a single database all the information and knowledge associated with an infrastructure, process or territory and make them available in a powerful and flexible dashboard. This goal can only be fully achieved by integrating data from all available sources within the company.

Support and Service

Is support available after NAVIA's implementation?

NAVIA team will always be at your disposal. We are constantly improving NAVIA and developing new features. Through an expedient and affordable maintenance contract you can have access to the support and new NAVIA versions.

How do I get in contact with support? Which languages and channels are available??

Helpdesk is available between 9:00 and 18:00 (Portugal time), every week in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The communication channels are telephone and email. In certain situations support can be provided in person.

Which are the most frequent technical issues?

With more than 15 years of development and usage, NAVIA has achieved a very high level of performance. It is 99.99% reliable. 

NAVIA's only vulnerability is its dependence on reliable and fast Ethernet, factors that aren't issues in most companies and locations.

What guarantees do I have with NAVIA's team support?

During NAVIA's implementation, the support team is available permanently within the contractual terms established. In the post-implementation phase, an maintenance contract may be established, which in addition to providing access to new software versions and improvements, guarantees a helpdesk via e-mail and/or telephone, with a timely response. 

What guarantees do I have regarding my data's preservation?

NAVIA implements an automatic, periodic and monitored backup system. In case of failure, the administrator is warned. Contractually it is also possible to guarantee the data backup service.

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