Business & Operations Intelligence

Manage your infrastructure, process or territory with a single software

Navia is an operational management software that allows you to manage all information, teams and tasks of your infrastructure or territory in real time and through a single platform. Turn your activity's management into a simple, reliable and efficient process.
rede colaborativa

Collaborative network

Share all information, records and data with you team in real time. Allow a general and immediate insight of your operation, the tasks performed, to be performed, the conformities and non-conformities.

simples mobile

Simple and accessible

Control operations and infrastructure anywhere, anytime, through a mobile device. Navia software is simple, intuitive and easy to use, for the best results and in real time.


Smart parameter setting

Define autonomously your operation or infrastructure’s processes number  regardless of its size. Specify equipment, locations, teams, tasks, shifts, resources and materials with a fully customizable solution.


Software Integrations

Gather all collected information, data and indicators provided by your equipment in a software fully compatible with GIS, LIMS, ERP, CRM, BILLING.


Monitoring and Assessment

Monitor and evaluate your entire operation at any time, through queries, reports and key indicators that cross-reference all available information. Preview occurrences, avoid deviations, increase efficiency and resource optimization.

Business inteligence

Business Inteligence

With immediate and reliable access to your operation or infrastructure, evaluate your business performance and make quick and effective decisions, reducing costs and increasing sustainability

suporte dedicado

Exclusive Support

Before, during and after Navia’s implementation, a dedicated team will give you all the assistance and training you need. 

Case Studies

Águas do Algarve
Since 2007, NAVIA has been responsible for managing Águas do Algarve's operations, covering its capture from surface and underground basins to its treatment and distribution. NAVIA is responsible for monitoring and managing 30,000 variables from 8,000 registration and acquisition points.
Lisboa's Metropolitan Area
NAVIA has been implemented since 2008 in all waste water collection and treatment infrastructure, which extends over an area of 1000 km2, and in water production and transport infrastructure in a total area of 7000 km2. It is currently used by more than 940 technicians in the city's metropolitan area.
NAVIA is responsible for managing the infrastructure and public spaces of Vilamoura and Vila Sol since 2014. We promote its maintenance and conservation, allowing it to belong to the exclusive “Cities and Villages of Excellence” network.
Tratave fully manages its operational processes with the NAVIA for more than 20 years. Its pioneering implementation of water cycle management software is used daily in five different WWTPs and 1153 monitoring points, recording more than 880 variables.
Costa Brava
Since 2016, NAVIA is responsible for Costa Brava's water supply management, operation and maintenance, ensuring water quality in 28 municipalities, spreading over more than 200 km of coast in Catalonia
NAVIA is the link between 35,000 citizens from Beja district, spread over a 1,145km2 territory, and the municipal water and sanitation company - EMAS.
Since 2011, NAVIA is responsible for the excellent performance and quality assurance of INOVA. This infrastructure produces and delivers drinking water to 37,000 inhabitants, collecting and treating the wastewater produced in its 390 km intervention area. NAVIA controls 500 variables from 145 installations.
Quinta do Lago
At Quinta do Lago, NAVIA is responsible for managing and maintaining the water supply, sanitation and urban waste systems, road network, public lighting, landscaping and gardening activities. In 2018 we launched "Infraquinta Connect", NAVIA's app extension in which Quinta do Lago's residents can report, photograph and geo-reference an occurrence, requesting its immediate resolution.
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