Plan, control, and monitor
All your infrastructure
in a single, simple, easy,
and accessible platform
All teams in
full harmony
A collaborative platform for managing your teams with total mobility
Adaptable to the size of your operation
Parameterize all processes, teams, tasks, and equipment according to your infrastructure, process, or territory

The comprehensive management of your infrastructure.



The technological solution preferred by the main water supply and sanitation systems.
equipamentos urbanos


Implement a control room to oversee and manage your infrastructures, buildings, and public spaces.

parque industrial


A collaborative platform for intelligent management of infrastructures, fully adaptable to the dimension of your system.

Know-how is the key.

NAVIA is much more than a software. It's a team that is passionate about innovation and specialized in implementing and managing complex processes and large-scale operations. We'll always be by your side to provide you with the solutions you need.

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NAVIA has been optimizing
infrastructure management for 30 years.

Technology for people, by people.

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