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We provide you the best solutions for an agile management of your infrastructures, processes, or territory.

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Before, during, and after implementation
análise e definição do projecto

Project analysis

We know your work routines. We speak your language. We can help you understand your problems, look for solution, and set up improvement strategies. 

We’ll still be very practical and aware of your company’s context.

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We will always be available for you and your team.

If you implement NAVIA, you have our commitment that we will accompany your software solution and its use. We will listen to your ideas, discuss them and seek to evolve together.

We make this commitment since 2001. You can count on us.


Implementation and Training

You will have the full support of our team to help you set up NAVIA, the platform that will change your work efficiency. At the end of the process, you will be autonomous.

Your team’s training plays a key role. It’ll be fundamentally practical and adjusted to your needs, but also a reflection on operation’s optimization, its quality and working methods.

You can use our know-how at any time. We are available to train you in operational and decision support areas in the water sector, cities and other infrastructures.

You can count on us from the first contact

We were able to develop a solution adaptable to your needs. We'll give you all the support you'll need before, during, and after Navia's implementation process.

Find out how NAVIA can help you manage your infrastructure

Talk with one one of our experts and find out more about NAVIA, receive a proposal or schedule a visit.
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