About us

We aim to bring technology to all the operational management processes.

Regardless of the magnitude or kind of operation in question, our goal is to simplify the operational management processes by integrating information technologies into our solutions. The idea is to make the daily management easier by ensuring all the information is accessible, organised and available in real time.

Our method is simple: enhance information sharing.

Most software in this area focuses on questions directly related to the management process whereby the managers are at the top of the pyramid looking down, organising the whole operation themselves. At Navia we believe that the essential information is at the heart of the operations themselves and is in the possession of those on the ground. Therefore, the main concern of our solutions is to ensure information sharing, giving rise to channels that put the holders of the information and the decision makers in direct contact with each other in real time. The more direct the channel, the more reliable the information.

What we have done so far.

When you turn on a tap it is very likely that our software solution has helped you have safe access to the water you need. Our operational software is used in the main water provision and sanitation systems in Portugal, helping to manage the water supply operation to thousands of consumers every day and guaranteeing that the wastewaters produced are properly treated. Our experience of over 20 years in the management of large-scale and widely dispersed operations has paved the way for new challenges, and today we are present in the management of production processes, the management of cities and the management of major infrastructures.

We have neither a CEO nor a Chairman and we often do not wear a tie.

Experience tells us that when it comes to operational management, the most valuable information is usually on the ground, where the action takes place, and that is why we often work without a tie. Nevertheless, we have some in stock for the occasional meeting!
We like to meet people and get to grips with new challenges. The size of the operation is not important for us. We like to push ourselves and to tackle new processes and new areas. We began in the area of water supply and today we help manage cities. Who knows if we cannot help you?

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