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In Catalonia, there is a municipality that stands out through its operational management.

In 2017, the NAVIA software for the operation and maintenance of the public systems of water supply and sanitation in the municipality of Manresa began to be implemented. How the equipment is performing, the tasks carried out on the ground and the utilisation of resources are all monitored in real time.

By integrating the entire operation into a single management system, the municipal company Aigües de Manresa intends to increase efficiency, optimise operating costs and eliminate redundancies and underperforming areas. The systematic monitoring and analysis of the whole operation enables the anticipation and prevention of possible problems, especially with respect to the water distribution network and the collection of wastewater, which results in a drop in the loss of water and unnecessary spending, one of the main problems of structures of this kind of such magnitude and broad spread.

Cantanhede, the municipality where everybody helps maintain the public service

Today in Cantanhede, informing the municipal services about any incidents in the council such as water leaks on public roads, overflowing waste containers, problems in the garden irrigation systems or others, is as easy as taking a photograph using your mobile phone.

Implementing its policy of dematerialisation and simplification of processes, the municipality of Cantanhede, through the municipal company INOVA, has provided all its residents with a mobile application called "", which allows citizens to truly take part in conserving their city. The user-friendly application enables the residents to photograph, categorise and georeference problems, immediately forwarding them to the respective department. The citizen is kept informed from the moment the process is triggered to its complete resolution.

The citizen’s integration with the municipal services is just one of the various functionalities of the app sponsored by INOVA and designed by NAVIA™. To find out others, test the application yourself by downloading it at