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Silves Municipality optimizes its water networks with NAVIA™ technology

In societal and environmental terms, 2019 and 2020 are notoriously dedicated to promoting the efficiency of water distribution networks! In this context, the concerns of utilities are manifested in a remarkable investment in the renewal of infrastructures, in the optimization of operational procedures and in the adoption of specialized technology.

The Municipality of Silves, in the south of Portugal, has assumed this ambition by launching a project that aims to promote the optimization and continuous monitoring of its water distribution networks. The company adopted the NAVIA™ platform as the main technological component of this project, aiming to gather in a single platform all the components related to an effective mitigation of water losses.

With this, Silves undertakes a project in which the communitarian support measures directly provide an upgrade in operational capacity, knowledge of infrastructures and specially allow the utility to give an effective response to the requirements of a quality public service.

In addition to the referred water optimization, the municipality of Silves has the ambition to improve both economic and financial performance (reduction of real water losses and operational costs), and to improve the service provided to the customers, increasing the reliability of  the distribution network, improving assets management and the celerity and assertiveness of corrective performance whenever needed.

Technological Platform of Águas do Porto, based on NAVIA, featured on IWA

The IWA - International Water Association, is giving great prominence to the strategy that Águas do Porto is implementing to improve the urban water cycle of the city, namely in the management of the Douro Basin. The company is solving old problems that have been intensified by the recent urban pressure, combining both natural techniques and technological solutions. The technological component was achieved through the implementation of an integrated management platform in real time, called H2Porto.

The platform has been at the service of the company’s team since 2017, being the result of the convergence of several factors, namely the innovative nature of Águas do Porto, the know-how of its team and NAVIA technology.

The impact of this technology on the company's operating results is widely recognized internally, being used by the entire team and leading to an overall improvement in the quality of the provided service.

After being awarded internationally with numerous awards and distinctions, Águas do Porto's technological platform is once again recognized for its innovative and disruptive character. This time it is IWA that puts it in the spotlight, publishing a case study on its website, which you can consult HERE or download HERE.

You can also see a video presentation HERE.

Efficiency in the performance of water networks: How to achieve it and how to maintain it?

As a result of several contingencies, in particular climate change and consequent drought periods, the water industry has seen its importance to be increasingly recognized. While this notoriety and recognition, in addition to being fair, are fundamental, the companies that manage the urban water cycle systems have to assume the increased responsibilities that come with them. The sector and its stakeholders are corresponding, which materializes in the investment that is being made through, in particular, the specific financing lines, such as POSEUR.

In this context, if a couple of years ago, the focus on increasing knowledge of infrastructures was noticeable, in terms of GIS, we are currently watching a growth on the concern with the efficiency of networks, namely in the distribution of water for consumption.

Being already the base of the operational activity of many of the management entities of the Iberian Peninsula, NAVIA™ accompanies the demands of the sector, giving it the support it needs. Indeed, through an integrated view of the entire management process and a range of specific functionalities, the software presents a totally different and practical approach that reconciles operational knowledge - a factor for which it is widely known - with the ability to continuous monitoring of networks, management of ZMC and detection of losses.

In this context, we invite you to learn about the method of monitoring and controlling water losses in 4 STEPS: 1. DETECT >> 2. LOCATE >> 3. EVALUATE >> 4. INTERVIDE.


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Águas de Viseu starts operational digitalization process in WWTP Viseu Sul

The new Wastewater Treatment Plant located in south Viseu, in addition to distinguishing itself in technological terms (*), also has NAVIA™ technology for the integral digitization of its operation, maintenance and quality control.

NAVIA™ will allow Águas de Viseu to have access to, not only specialized features for the day-by-day management of the WWTP, but also to a solution that combines operational efficiency, in technical and economic terms, with the entity’s guidelines.

In a region where water scarcity reaches dramatic proportions, the implementation of NAVIA™ in this WWTP is the first step towards an integral digitization of the infrastructures of the urban water cycle and the guarantee of a paradigm shift in its management and operation.

The goal? – Efficiency, Savings and Resilience, based on a collaborative, accountable, knowledge-gathering and decision support platform.

(*) The new Viseu Sul WWTP was the first facility of its kind to implement the innovative ultrafiltration membrane system. This system ensures a very high level of performance in the treatment of effluents, requiring, however, accurate processes of operation and maintenance. From now on, NAVIA™ becomes the guarantor of accuracy in the referred processes, even when carried out by external entities, which happens in this particular case

In Catalonia, there is a municipality that stands out through its operational management.

In 2017, the NAVIA software for the operation and maintenance of the public systems of water supply and sanitation in the municipality of Manresa began to be implemented. How the equipment is performing, the tasks carried out on the ground and the utilisation of resources are all monitored in real time.

By integrating the entire operation into a single management system, the municipal company Aigües de Manresa intends to increase efficiency, optimise operating costs and eliminate redundancies and underperforming areas. The systematic monitoring and analysis of the whole operation enables the anticipation and prevention of possible problems, especially with respect to the water distribution network and the collection of wastewater, which results in a drop in the loss of water and unnecessary spending, one of the main problems of structures of this kind of such magnitude and broad spread.

NAVIA at the SmartCities Expo World Congress Barcelona

From the 15th to the 17th of November we will be at SCEWC to discuss the future of smart cities.

The Smart Cities Expo World Congress, taking place at Fira Barcelona, will have NAVIA as one of the national representatives of the technological solutions associated to the concept of smart cities produced in Portugal.

The event is an opportunity to promote our latest innovation in smartcities: the participatory citizenship app. An app that allows the effective integration of the citizen in the workflow of the teams that manage the cities transforming it into an active part of the management and the preservation of the public good.

We are waiting for you at stand A 158.

H2Porto platform awarded in the 2018 edition of the Portugal Digital Awards

In the same week NAVIA was distinguished as the best internationalization project in the water services sector at the Global Water Awards, the platform H2Porto has been considered one of the most innovative projects in the last edition of the Portugal Digital Awards.

Awarded as Best Digital Strategic Tools, H2Porto is a technological platform designed for monitoring and controlling the complete urban water cycle. This platform has been developed by the consortium invoving NAVIA, Aqualogus and Bentley Systems, for the municipal company "Águas do Porto".

Portugal Digital Awards' main objective is to highlight the most relevant technological advancements produced in Portugal, rewarding what is best done in the digital area. In this year's edition, besides H2Porto, were also rewarded the portuguese Agency for Administrative Modernization, LOQR, Fidelidade, Worten, Frulact and the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health. The organization promoted by "Jornal de Notícias", Axians and IDC also attributed the Carrer Award to Virgílio Lopes, from EDP, and the Axians Best Digital Leaders award to João Dias, from AICEP.

To find out more about the Portugal Digital Awards visit the event's official website or the article of "Jornal de Negócios.

Pombal implements technological platform for asset registry update and efficiency of its water networks

The Municipality of Pombal starts 2019 with the ambition of boosting digitalization of its water services, promoting the optimization and efficiency of its urban water cycle infrastructures.

In order to achieve this goal, Pombal opted for the NAVIA™ platform, and the implementation process is underway, with an extremely demanding schedule.

With the software’s implementation, the Municipality will be capable of monitoring, planning, executing and evaluating the operation and maintenance of its infrastructures, introducing a real-time management model built on effective knowledge and connected to a more motivated team.

This is a real example on how community support measures – POSEUR type – are bringing valuable results to our cities and, in turn, to all citizens.

NAVIA distinguished with PT Global Water Award 2018

In the category “Supply of goods and equipment”, NAVIA has been awarded as the best internationalization project in water sector, in the 2018 edition of the PT Global Water Awards, which aims to reward the best internationalization projects in the referred sector in Portugal. The award has been given to the implementation of NAVIA™ in ABASTEM, the Costa Brava consortium’s water supply system.

The PT Global Water Awards’ event took place at the 13th Water Conference Expo, simultaneously with the assignment of the ERSAR seals, where several NAVIA clients were also distinguished. An organization of the newspaper “Água & Ambiente” and the “PPA – Parceria Portuguesa para a Água”, attended by the Minister of the Environment and Energy Transition, Eng. João Pedro Matos Fernandes and the Secretary of State for the Environment, Eng. Carlos Martins, which took place in Lisbon on 21 and 22 November.

To find out more about the PT Global Water Awards, the ERSAR seals or the 13th Water Conference Expo visit the website of the 13th Water Conference Expo or the “Parceria Portuguesa da Água”.

NAVIA present in the Path of Innovation

On September 26th, NAVIA will participate in the event “Path of Innovation 2019”, in the “Water Factory” of Alcântara, Lisbon. The event, organized by Águas do Tejo Atlântico, is dedicated to innovation, aims to debate the future of water, by sharing knowledge and presenting innovative case studies. The main themes are Circular Economy and Industry 4.0, in an open event, to the entrepreneurial, scientific and municipal communities.

NAVIA will demonstrate the successes achieved in its more than sixteen years of experience innovating on the water industry, and especially, the impact of the partnership NAVIA / Águas do Tejo Atlântico. More than a partnership, this relationship is based on the complicity and trus between two entities who are proud to provide health guarantees to a population of about 2,3 million, distributed for more than 23 municipalities.

To access the initiative program, go to the following link:

Path of Innovation 2019 | Program

NAVIA: 20 years of innovation in the management of water resources

Did you know that:

- 2100 million people have no access to safepotable water?

- 423 million people use water from unprotected sources and wells, in a daily basis?

- 263 million people need more than 30 minutes to access a source of water?

- 152 million use untreated surface water from lakes, tanks, rivers and streams?

Water is a right to all of us.
Help to preserve it.

March 22nd

Cantanhede, the municipality where everybody helps maintain the public service

Today in Cantanhede, informing the municipal services about any incidents in the council such as water leaks on public roads, overflowing waste containers, problems in the garden irrigation systems or others, is as easy as taking a photograph using your mobile phone.

Implementing its policy of dematerialisation and simplification of processes, the municipality of Cantanhede, through the municipal company INOVA, has provided all its residents with a mobile application called "", which allows citizens to truly take part in conserving their city. The user-friendly application enables the residents to photograph, categorise and georeference problems, immediately forwarding them to the respective department. The citizen is kept informed from the moment the process is triggered to its complete resolution.

The citizen’s integration with the municipal services is just one of the various functionalities of the app sponsored by INOVA and designed by NAVIA™. To find out others, test the application yourself by downloading it at

NAVIA in the water supply in the Costa Brava.

ABASTEM, responsible for the water supply to 28 municipalities of the Costa Brava, distributed along more than 200 km of coast in the region of Catalonia is the latest system to adopt the NAVIA as a solution for the management and maintenance of the entire operation.

Physically, the Costa Brava upstream supply system consists of three dislocated operational centers, in which individual teams operate each infrastructure individually.

It is through NAVIA that the entire operation runs on a single platform, where, in a decentralized way, the different teams share objectives, responsibilities, knowledge, data and tasks. Everything is simple, transparent and in real time.