Agile operations

Reduce costs, work shifts
and travel expenses. Monitor tasks,
optimise resources and assess
results in real time

Put the entire operation and maintenance of your infrastructure, process or territory in one system. Carry out operations, decide on the resources used, choose the teams involved and register the data and records any time, anywhere. Group together all the infrastructures, equipment, data, indicators, tasks and teams in a single collaborative and shared system. Use real-time complete management. Learn about Navia.

No operation is too big or too small.

Define the magnitude and number of operations of your infrastructure, process or territory autonomously and in a user-friendly manner. Specify the equipment, locations, teams, tasks, shifts, resources and materials needed in a totally adaptable and customisable solution.

Mobile and User-friendly.

Navia is more than a fully mobile software solution that can be used anywhere through a simple mobile device. Navia is also a highly user-friendly tool that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience or level of knowledge of new technologies.

Total integration and compatibility with other software.

All the information gathered on the ground and all the data and indicators supplied by the equipment are grouped together in a single shared system using software that is completely compatible with GIS, LINS; ERP, CRM, BILLING.

A collaborative network in real and permanent contact.

Implementing a collaborative working basis, Navia allows all the information, records and data to be shared in real time by the entire team, simultaneously enabling all the staff to know what operations and tasks have been carried out, which ones are scheduled, and the conformities and non-conformities.

Define tasks, shifts and parameters.

Prepare the whole operation in advance directly on the system, and immediately share it with your teams and staff. Define tasks per team, individual and shift. Make processes more flexible, set parameters, decide on methods and monitor the operations in real time.

Check and analyse the entire operation any time.

Monitor, assess and correct the whole operation any time, using the viewing and report functions that cross-reference all the information available. Anticipate events, prevent problems, increase efficiency and optimise resources.

Complete mobility for teams on the ground.

Without the need for special equipment or access to the internet, Navia allows the teams on the ground to georeference and document all the actions carried out using any mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, making the information available on the system at the moment it is registered.

History, performance and enhancement.

By registering all the tasks and data per user, the history of a team or employee can be viewed at any time, selecting who defined, planned and carried out a given operation, when and where it was undertaken, who registered it, who assessed it, etc.

Management of alarms and events.

Define alarms in advance for certain kinds of events. Set parameters and intervals for certain data that will trigger an alarm if they are exceeded, allowing immediate, preventive and rational action.

Management for quality, sustainability and safety.

With all the procedures specified, known and duly managed, Navia is the ideal tool to boost quality, environmental conservation and safety. In other words, much more than helping you obtain certification, Navia allows these factors to be worked on by your team on a daily basis.

Knowledge production and availability.

Informed decision-making, grounded management and understanding trends are only possible with a consolidated knowledge base and tools that process this knowledge and make it accessible. It is one of the essential tenets of NAVIA: the management and sharing of knowledge.

Define filters and access to the information provided.

Establish access to information per individual, team or department. Specify exceptions in the event of incidents occurring. Channel the information flows in advance and prevent noise and improper access.

Agile operations
for water utilities.

Management of the urban water cycle in a single solution.

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Agile operations
for smart cities.

Real-time management and maintenance of cities.

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Agile operations
for infrastructures.

A solution able to be tailored to any kind of infrastructure.

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