Agile operations
for smart cities

All the operations of the
city in a single complete
management solution.

Managing a city is more than merely managing an operation. It involves the management of a set of operations that take place continuously, systematically and simultaneously.

In recognising all the infrastructures of a city and identifying the respective operations inherent to each one of them, Navia supplies all the information needed for the management and maintenance of the public equipment in a single system, from the lighting to the urban furniture, from public gardens to car parks.
Is it not time to discover what Navia can do for your city?

All the functionalities of Navia

Navia for Cities

Discover how NAVIA™ can help you to transform your city into a “smart city”.


Agile operations
for water utilities.

Management of the urban water cycle in a single solution.

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Agile operations
for smart cities.

Real-time management and maintenance of cities.

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Agile operations
for infrastructures.

A solution able to be tailored to any kind of infrastructure.

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